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Internship Days @ Sunway

So basically my internship starts on the 21st of Febuary. And all my friends/classmates had blog about those 'exciting' periods they had. Well, as always... so do I. I have all the required information, photos and all.. haha but as usual.. shits happen.

To start off briefly, I've changed places of my lodging from Kota Kemuning which is my relatives house to SS19 after 2 weeks of totally hell-like week there. It is totally like the song "Gives You Hell" and repeat it every single day. I have to wake up at 6am every morning, lunge onto the car, reached office around 7am and wait till 9am when people ONLY starts to reach office.

Well, at least after that, I moved to a decent house belongs to my mum's friend. I got my own room, air-cond, and everything else you could have dreamt off.
The only down side... I gotta walk for a distance to the bus stop outside to take a bus and walk another distance to reach office.

Well, how far? i can say approximately ....

1.3k steps from house to bus stops, and another 1.5k to 1.6k to office.

I get to be so healthy nowadays. Physically...

and also...

spiritually... (captured on the way home)

All and all, after came back from tiring hectic work, I still have someone to talk to.. play with~~

But this monster likes to nibble and bite me.. Especially my toes, fingers or everything else that looks like hotdogs or food.
(she is 5X fatter now comparing to the time i took the photo)
Well, maybe some of you still have no idea what i'm doing in sunway?

I'm in the IT dept. We are only around 16 people including the new Korean guy intern. That's why we have to share with the SCM dept. XD

In the office, an entirely different realm. At first, my life is simple and nice. Go to work, sit back, and play around with this kind of machine. =P You get to make more than the usual 8 types of drinks. 1+1 bing? cam bing? milo dinosaur? anything u could think of.

That Tongkat Ali & Ginseng taste like shit, sewer water. damn!

And soon after 1st week, i get my '1-week-pay cheque' ~~

Shitty amount, but it meant something to me..
(how they deduct my pay till i have 0.43 left?)

And soon after March started, we have this annual departmental meeting. My first time presenting 'what-i-did' style of meeting in front of everyone else. It is far more tension than those i've done during my uni life. Is not between you and the HOD, the managers, etc.

(1 full green bag of snacks! XD)

Difference is, in Uni > Screw 'em lecturers.
Here > You screw them, they screw your job. FULL STOP.

But after those boring ritual meeting, we have monthly departmental lunch! This kind of lunch is when u eat the hell out of the company's account cuz it's under departmental budget. So, we don't know what else to choose, and had chosen a Korean Food Restaurant.

We have so bad knowledge in korean language, we thought the waiter was scolding us some 'pleasent' phrase that we used casually to 'greet' people.

One thing good about this is, you don't have to know what is the food, you just need to look at the price, and look for the most expensive one. or maybe get the 2nd most expensive will do. That should keep your boss from jumping.

We ordered some Meat Streak thingy with different kind of meat Grilled for us by their staffs. Awesome. And the tit-bits are free to refill. FREE!!!

Here's a pic of our colleague who do all the adminstrative task. Name's apple. =)

As usual, she was nagging, is nagging and all the time nagging. =P

And to round it up, we have a group birthday celebration. 6 people, 1 cake. See how economic it is? Happy Birthday to them XD

Back from Left : CK , Hew, Seelan
Front from Left : Elaine, Apple, Lucy

And my fav Secret Recipe of all time. Well not really fav of all time but still love it!~

Not only that, supporting users from all over Sunway in terms of infrastructure wise has gradually become the norms of my life here. But i do get some rewards during this trips. Knowledge wise or others. =P

(View captured from Resort Suite)

But sometimes things get too heavy and deep, you will make sour faces throughout the day.

If you can manage your time well, you might even get half hour free time to skate during lunch time. XD

It's less crowded here during the weekdays which make it awesome to skate. At least when u fell, you won't wet your underwear like you would if it's a public holiday or weekends.

And of all the wonderful colleagues i have, they will bring all of us some gifts whenever they go for trips.

From Macau~

To exotic toy from Bali~

I've no idea what you can do with this but..

And for breakfast, normally will be either Oreo, or some other stuffs.

Sometimes McD breakfast set.

Lunch will depends on whether is 'free-lunch' or self funding type. From the pic, you can clearly tells ~

Hahahahaha, tri-meat set! Fish, Chicken and Beef!! Awesome!!

Overall is awesome to work here. Working experience, company benefits (which i didn't benefit much from since i'm just an intern), pretty colleagues, moar pretty staffs... That's it!.

The only problem i'm having are unlimited work load which sometimes I'm the only one supporting the whole Infrastructure team, and......

It friggin' rains everytime when i wanted to go home after work. EVERYTIME!!!!!

How good if i have someone in this kind of car,

to fetch me back after work.


Blogging Spree : CNY

As title , I'm going to start a blogging spree to clear up my old junks (topics) which i got lazy off to talk about before.. Ya, when i say old, i mean really really really old. Like during the Chinese New Year age. I bet you couldn't even remember how many days are there in this year's Febuary, so you won't remember when is our Chinese New Year.

Okay, once upon a time, I was once again going back to celebrate Chinese New Year at my grandma's place. This year, she celebrated it alone, while my grandpa celebrated it somewhere else God knows where rich. As usual, MMU had this SUCKY awesome time table, our final exam started on the 5th day of Chinese New Year. Not much of a fuss for me(sign of getting old), but half of the students go MAD and rage over it.

Due to the shortage of time, i stayed back to study a lil' before family came picked me up and straight back to Batu Pahat. A peaceful place swarm with mosquitos that are hungry as hell 24-7. Yea, I mean, they friggin' RAPE everyone there and sucked them dry before leaving other mosquitos to gang rape you. XD You probably just gonna end up red spots all over the place.. =(

Spending the first 2 nights playing mahjong to pass time, I failed my initial plan of further studying the subject which i'm going to sit for exam on the 5th of CNY, which was the immediate Monday. I came to realize that, studying was not important at all, the atmosphere IS !!

I took out my arsenal of firecrackers i've kept for the past of my life and let it all burn like Katy Perry's song. All of 'em going to kaput soon.. masuk air.

And Grandma suddenly pulled out some VINTAGE bought by my dad a long long time ago. I don't know dad was into 'female model snapping' photography back then.... XD

what?...C'mon, don't tell me they bring this kind of camera to shoot scenary. I guess this kind of thing cost a bomb right now even if they are faulty. =P

And to my surprise, my friend, Willie suddenly asked me out for a gathering. I had never before went out in Batu Pahat. The road condition are shitty, the traffic's shitty.. And of course.. I don't know where am i going all the time. This time, Sharon's bro came to pick me up and we head for BP Mall.. A new place to hang out except that moldy Summit. We hang out in the some donut shop which i forgot what's the name and i saw this cute lil' thingy!

Aww, aint' they cute?! I felt like smacking my face right into one of those!....
figuratively means i wanna eat them.

And after CNY when we were suppose to get back to my hometown, we were greeted by God of Wealth. Chinese relate water to wealth. =P

1 more feet, and we would have to stay back in BP for another day cuz our car can't pass that water level. Phew!~

That was not the end yet, the next day when i was trying to catch a bus back to Melaka, see what happened to the temporary re-located bus terminal at Bukit Jalil.

Packed with all sorts of friggin' people. Damn it when i reached there, it was totally like KL was infested with zombies and everyone was trying to get a bus ticket to get outta here. =.=

Lucky me, I bought my bus ticket which was schedule to leave on 5:30pm and the time when i bought it? effing 12:30pm. Is not that i can't spend time walking around picking up rubbish or what, but it would be waaayy better if there's a GSC or TGV around here somewhere. =P

That's a short one for the CNY post. Gonna update again in a day or 2.

peace out~

Farewell Dinner

Well, this could very much be done a few centuries ago..
I've lost the will to update my blog back then..
Blogging is scary to me..(for a while)
Sometime is addictive, sometimes is pressurizing.
You are worried that things that you said, might meant something offensive to some other.
Well that's just what was holding me back then.

This friend of mine,
Knew him when the time i first joined the 24 Festive Drum team of my campus.
We used to share a lot of experience together. Due to the fact that we almost have the same height, we dominated the Wing, or Back position of our drum formation most of the time.
From the usual 5 or 7 of us, to now, 13~14 of us performing.

Unfortunately, good times fly~.
He had to leave MMU due to some problem and now,
we have to bid him goodbye.
this is not a bad thing though, He get to do what he (originally)like now and leave our soon-to-be terrible, blood-sucking, saliva spitting, university.

Due to the massive amount of people, we split into 2 tables each. And although the same kind of food was ordered for both, our dishes arrived first. =) I think it was because of me.

And here came 1 of the 'wolf' from the other table trying to snatch our petty food! XD
I have evidences tho~
His name is really Wolf in short.
He called himself Silver Wolf. In chinese thats -> (淫狼)
That's it! Caught red-handed!! Tangkap Basah tu!

Well, that's an old saying :
"Maybe you are fast, But I'm faster!"

We have this Taufu thingy.

I think this is Kangkung? I don't know, i don't study them, i just eat them. =)

and this friggin' dessert, weight like feather, cost a bomb.
Some Pumpkin IceScream if i'm not mistaken.

I should have just picked this instead. Coconut!

And i seriously don't know what's this. I thought it was some kind of marijuana weed stuffs that will make us high.. But nope, taste like some creepy vegetarian drinks.

Okay, finally a group photo which i didn't even have a place to stand due to those stupid dining tables were in my way!

This restaurant, don't play play!! It owns a few dato-ships too by the looks of it.
I've been thinking, how can I be 'dato-fied' ??.
Left : Some kind of a 'dato-ships' , having those gay knighting ceremony.
Right : God of Cookery. (no, serious! might not be the same as Stephen Chow's but seriously)

And here's the signboard of it, don't know how it's called but probably called "Ming Ching"?
from the looks of it. LOL
Well, it's located near the roundabout at Malim. Which direction and where exactly?
I don't effing know that.. So bring your grandparents, girlfriend along if you wanna try it out.

And a movie trip after that, ends the farewell.

Don't worry, Yuan How, even if they forgotten about you, I won't. I've been thru too damn much with you, every single joke i cracked out today was|is|will be about you.
i mean, every single experience i shared out today will be about you!!!
(gee, that sound so much better)


- enjoy your day and -
~peace out~

Gathering Dinner

I did something nice this midterm break. I pampered myself.. with luxurious food. After that, i've been resting in my house.. relaxing~~

Just like what this cat do.
~she definitely needs to start working out. ~

We can basically skip those resting and relaxing part. Let's head straight to luxurious food. =)


Well, they planned to visit this place since 2 years ago.. when food was still cheap, petrol was waaay cheaper, 1U was still not that crowded and carpark was not so damn hard to find. We've finally made it!

For those who don't know, Shogun is well known by a tough competitor to Jogoya, due to almost half of the price per person and the amount of Japanese food they offered. So it seems, things slightly turn out not as we heard. Amount of food still there, but they tend to leave all the trays empty unless you demanded the food. Food overall is okay, service is somehow awesome.

So here's my first round. Grabbed some salmon and don't-know-what-fish as appetizer.

Right after that, 2nd round, Teriyaki chicken, Tempura, Cheese Baked Mussels, and fishes again.

And the 3rd round, Sushi and some raw salmon. The Unagi is awesome.

And of course not just that, but i grew tired and started to just focus on eating. Basically is just Japanese food you will find there, but surprisingly you can find Dim Sum and some Pao(s) at the back corner of Shogun.

Sadly, no cute Japanese waitress, cook, or whatever.

oh? that's not the same genre?

Well, basically we ate till we were like 165.76% full before our stomach exploded. Ice-cream for 2 rounds, blow water for another half an hour.[no Haagen Daz here. =( ]

It is time to clear the bill. ~

Robbers should really change their target from high risk Bank to shit-expensive restaurants like this. Damn if they came on Sunday or Saturday, they might hit the Jackpot!

You guys shouldn't really come around public holidays. Cuz this will cost you around RM80+ on Public Holidays while only RM50+ during the weekdays. Weekdays are the only days that won't make your knees go weak when you pay.

After that, we headed to MPH cuz i wanted to find Doodolls but to my disappointment, there was barely a counter there.. Just a built up small rack with very limited choices.
Fuak... i gotta go somewhere else to look for it. =(

As suggested by me earlier, we head for our next destination.

Uniqlo @ Fahrenheit 88

Thought there will be any sales left after. Gonna grab something for myself for Christmas or what. But heck, the whole place is selling winter wear. 3 friggin' floors all selling winter wear, and hell there's no more sales. Stuffs that are awfully ugly cost around RM100+ and stuffs that look nice cost RM499+ .. And is a effing Jacket (damn thick). =.=

Think we will just gonna wait for the next sales. Hopefully.


The next day, I headed down to Ampang area there for my interview from the 1 and only company that replied my email..

And when i almost reach.. i was walking and thinking :

"Great! now i don't have to worry shit about my internship
son of a mother duck, this is the place?"

When i saw this

I mean, from the map it says "Indah Square" ...
Apart from the shape of those windows.. i don't see any square.
Not even boxers hanging around.

It looks more like an abandoned building to me rather than a Square.
(was thinking might be some office block)

And their office is located right there at the 2nd floor, 2 lots. I went in, filled in the forms, waited a while before somebody interviewed me.
Answered a few questions.
They wanted to sign me.
Working 6 days, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.
Salary : RM500

I replied, "I'm sorry, can i reconsider about it first?"
Interviewer looking at me (asking why with her eyes)
Me : "I need to ask my parents' permission first.." (with a smile)
Interview : "Okay, let us know in 2 weeks time"
"whether you want or not, also let us know la"
Me: "okay okay i will.........................."

I mean, for real? RM500 ?? OTL
Petrol is RM1.90 per litter now, Milo Ice is Rm1.80 now.

~peace out~