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Internship Days @ Sunway

So basically my internship starts on the 21st of Febuary. And all my friends/classmates had blog about those 'exciting' periods they had. Well, as always... so do I. I have all the required information, photos and all.. haha but as usual.. shits happen.

To start off briefly, I've changed places of my lodging from Kota Kemuning which is my relatives house to SS19 after 2 weeks of totally hell-like week there. It is totally like the song "Gives You Hell" and repeat it every single day. I have to wake up at 6am every morning, lunge onto the car, reached office around 7am and wait till 9am when people ONLY starts to reach office.

Well, at least after that, I moved to a decent house belongs to my mum's friend. I got my own room, air-cond, and everything else you could have dreamt off.
The only down side... I gotta walk for a distance to the bus stop outside to take a bus and walk another distance to reach office.

Well, how far? i can say approximately ....

1.3k steps from house to bus stops, and another 1.5k to 1.6k to office.

I get to be so healthy nowadays. Physically...

and also...

spiritually... (captured on the way home)

All and all, after came back from tiring hectic work, I still have someone to talk to.. play with~~

But this monster likes to nibble and bite me.. Especially my toes, fingers or everything else that looks like hotdogs or food.
(she is 5X fatter now comparing to the time i took the photo)
Well, maybe some of you still have no idea what i'm doing in sunway?

I'm in the IT dept. We are only around 16 people including the new Korean guy intern. That's why we have to share with the SCM dept. XD

In the office, an entirely different realm. At first, my life is simple and nice. Go to work, sit back, and play around with this kind of machine. =P You get to make more than the usual 8 types of drinks. 1+1 bing? cam bing? milo dinosaur? anything u could think of.

That Tongkat Ali & Ginseng taste like shit, sewer water. damn!

And soon after 1st week, i get my '1-week-pay cheque' ~~

Shitty amount, but it meant something to me..
(how they deduct my pay till i have 0.43 left?)

And soon after March started, we have this annual departmental meeting. My first time presenting 'what-i-did' style of meeting in front of everyone else. It is far more tension than those i've done during my uni life. Is not between you and the HOD, the managers, etc.

(1 full green bag of snacks! XD)

Difference is, in Uni > Screw 'em lecturers.
Here > You screw them, they screw your job. FULL STOP.

But after those boring ritual meeting, we have monthly departmental lunch! This kind of lunch is when u eat the hell out of the company's account cuz it's under departmental budget. So, we don't know what else to choose, and had chosen a Korean Food Restaurant.

We have so bad knowledge in korean language, we thought the waiter was scolding us some 'pleasent' phrase that we used casually to 'greet' people.

One thing good about this is, you don't have to know what is the food, you just need to look at the price, and look for the most expensive one. or maybe get the 2nd most expensive will do. That should keep your boss from jumping.

We ordered some Meat Streak thingy with different kind of meat Grilled for us by their staffs. Awesome. And the tit-bits are free to refill. FREE!!!

Here's a pic of our colleague who do all the adminstrative task. Name's apple. =)

As usual, she was nagging, is nagging and all the time nagging. =P

And to round it up, we have a group birthday celebration. 6 people, 1 cake. See how economic it is? Happy Birthday to them XD

Back from Left : CK , Hew, Seelan
Front from Left : Elaine, Apple, Lucy

And my fav Secret Recipe of all time. Well not really fav of all time but still love it!~

Not only that, supporting users from all over Sunway in terms of infrastructure wise has gradually become the norms of my life here. But i do get some rewards during this trips. Knowledge wise or others. =P

(View captured from Resort Suite)

But sometimes things get too heavy and deep, you will make sour faces throughout the day.

If you can manage your time well, you might even get half hour free time to skate during lunch time. XD

It's less crowded here during the weekdays which make it awesome to skate. At least when u fell, you won't wet your underwear like you would if it's a public holiday or weekends.

And of all the wonderful colleagues i have, they will bring all of us some gifts whenever they go for trips.

From Macau~

To exotic toy from Bali~

I've no idea what you can do with this but..

And for breakfast, normally will be either Oreo, or some other stuffs.

Sometimes McD breakfast set.

Lunch will depends on whether is 'free-lunch' or self funding type. From the pic, you can clearly tells ~

Hahahahaha, tri-meat set! Fish, Chicken and Beef!! Awesome!!

Overall is awesome to work here. Working experience, company benefits (which i didn't benefit much from since i'm just an intern), pretty colleagues, moar pretty staffs... That's it!.

The only problem i'm having are unlimited work load which sometimes I'm the only one supporting the whole Infrastructure team, and......

It friggin' rains everytime when i wanted to go home after work. EVERYTIME!!!!!

How good if i have someone in this kind of car,

to fetch me back after work.


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